Fave Designer Round-Up

While Pinterest is always a good go-to source for inspiration, or a walk around my little beach town of Leucadia, I definitely have those designers I always go to for inspiration. It's amazing to see what makes a designer successful, read their blogs on what to do/ what not to do, and learn from the best!

Today on the blog I'll be rounding up a couple of my all-time favorite designers currently.

1. Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


I was in Portland last year visiting family, and came across this absolutely stunning hotel lobby and bar - the Hi-Lo Hotel. I think my jaw actually dropped to the floor. Blush, emerald greens, and brass can be so trendy but they found a way to bring that trend into a timeless, dreamy space that you do not want to leave.

2. Amber Interiors


I mean, do I really need to even say why I love Amber Interiors?! This 'Client Black Houses are the Best Houses' left me drooling. Amber Interiors has created her own notifiable aesthetic, yet still is able to evolve and level up her designs to keep things unique. This space was the perfect blend of that California-cool-meets-boho with a new, modern and minimal twist. I always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!

3. Studio Matsalla


Oh boy do I love this lady!! I swear I'm not totally biased because I get to call Vanessa of Studio Matsalla one of my mentors and friends ;) Studio Matsalla was the first designer in San Diego that really stood out to me years ago when I moved back home from school in LA. While you can see boho and mid-century influences in her designs, I love seeing her unique twist on projects. Not one detail is overlooked, and every project just seems like a perfect complete little puzzle. Vanessa's designs are timeless, soothing, bright, and I basically want to live in every space she creates.

4. JDP Interiors


This built-in dining situation from heaven is what first caught my eye from JDP Interiors. Her aesthetic is something I strive for - modern, clean-lines, with warmth through natural materials and hues in textiles. Designs are all natural and bright, mixed with unique and eclectic details. 

Now that I've gushed over my favorite designers, who are some of yours? Where do you look for inspiration? <3