Shop the Look: Neptune Ave. Project

Hello & happy Sunday!

Today we’re rounding up some of our favorite decor pieces as shown in the Neptune Ave. project kitchen. I’ve talked about this project being more on the modern side, so it was important to me to add warmth and texture through the final decor and styling of the space. Links are below for our fave pieces pictured.


Neptune Shop the Look.001.jpeg

Summertime Vibes

Summertime is here! Anyone else get to soak up some sunshine in the last week? I think it’s safe to say there is something special about soaking in sunshine, jumping in the ocean, and refueling a bit as this summer heat approaches. I know it’s typically sunny in San Diego, but I still cherish these extra sunny months!

We’re here to bring some summertime-inspired decor to you that we’re vibing with this summer. Enjoy!

Summer Home Accessories Edit-1.001.jpeg

Trends We're Diggin'

While trends come and go, there are always those special ones that just stick with you. I always like to look at trends at the start of the year and what others are forecasting, so I thought I’d check in mid-year and see what’s continued to tickle my fancy.

We’re here to talk about a couple of trends we’ve been seeing - some old and some new - and all that are just too dang good. Get ready to feast your eyes on some beautiful, trendy pieces and spaces we can’t get enough of.


We’ve all seen this done before - cabinetry sans hardware - leaving the kitchen feeling more minimal and streamlined. I continue to see this trend and continue to love it whether it be a cut-out or lip in the cabinetry to eliminate the need for hardware, I’m into it!


I think at this point we’ve seen a subway tile pattern done enough - and don’t get me wrong, it will forever be classic (and I’ve done this many times as well) but it’s always nice to switch things up. I LOVE seeing how creative people are getting with these simple tiles we already use constantly. From a horizontally stacked white subway tile with one column of the same tile flipped vertically and framing that horizontal stack (left photo) you get this amazing, almost woven looking pattern.. drooling. The photo on the right shows two rows of vertically stacked white subway tile that meet and transition to horizontally stacked olive-green tile. SO simple, and such a cool way of switching things up with a simple material.


The trend of floating shelves has been around for a hot minute and I don’t see it going anywhere. However, I do see the concept evolving and different versions of this being done. Hence, the single open shelf. This trend is definitely for the more minimal and aesthetic-driven clientele as it eliminates any additional storage above but it is SO DANG BEAUTIFUL. This single open shelf tends to always be in line with any other upper cabinets or a range hood and results in a minimal, streamlined look.


Everything comes back around at some point, right? While you may remember this material from the floors of your school or airport, terrazzo has been comin’ in hot in so many ways lately. From interior spaces, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom floors - to products such as lamps and coffee table tops I am seeing (and have been seeing) terrazzo everywhere. Terrazzo lamp pictured in the center above from Anthropologie.

Get the Look: Mid-Century Meets South Park Project

Happy Tuesday folks!

I recently wrapped up a project nestled in the heart of South Park. With a mix of long-term rentals and two Airbnb’s I got to design each unit from the inside out. From flooring and bath vanities to styling each nightstand and shelving in the kitchen, not one detail was overlooked. I’m here to share all of the nitty-gritty details so you can shop your favorite items from one of my favorite rooms in the space - the bedroom. What I love most about furnishings and styling Airbnb’s is getting a little funky with the decor while still making sure it’s a space I’d want to stay in if I were going to an Airbnb.


South Park Shop the Look.jpg

Sunday Sneak Peek: JuneShine 2.0


As most of you may know I’ve been jamming on JuneShine 2.0 over the past couple of months. We’re taking all of our favorite elements from the first location in North Park into this new space and I can’t wait to share the final product. For now, here is a sneak peek into JuneShine’s second tasting room location in Scripps Ranch coming this June.



Solstice Interiors on DESIGN MILK!

Leo is on DESIGN MILK!

Our recent work on the lovely Leo - a modern massage, wellness + nail salon in North Park - is on DESIGN MILK! What is life?! You can check out the link to the full article here. A huge shout out to all of the amazing people who helped make this space amazing, and of course Jina Javier - the owner of Leo, for bringing me on to create this space of your dreams. And of course, thank you to DESIGN MILK for the feature, I am beyond honored and STOKED! :)

Project: Leo

Mural by Janie Rochfort of Betty Larkin

Custom chairs, check-in desk, nail polish display, front entry built-in seating designed by us and made by Moniker Design

Photos by Amber Thrane of Dulcet Creative

2018 Solstice Interiors Highlights

Oh boy, was this year a good one!!! Thank you to each and every one the wonderful clients, vendors, and tradespeople I got to work with this year. Reflecting on the projects of the year I am truly blown away by not only the amount of love and positive feedback I’ve received from these projects, but also the growth personally and professionally I’ve experience with each one. Here’s to an amazing year, and an even better year on the way.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Katie Gebhardt, Solstice Interiors


Sneak Peek: Leo

Say hello to LEO! Your new favorite nail, wellness, and massage salon nestled in the heart of North Park, San Diego.

If you’ve been following along on social media, you’ll know how excited I am about this project - for so many reasons. A quick bit about Leo:

Leo was created with the intention of providing an experience and super-cozy space for one to come and treat themselves to some quality self-care, in style of course. The nail and massage salon options in San Diego (and really everywhere!) very obviously lacked a luxe, quality experience with a more modern approach and aesthetic. Trips to get your nails done or a massage should feel like a treat, not a chore and this is where the idea of Leo was born.

Initial concept board for Leo’s main salon, including the pedicure chairs that line each wall and one of the lounge areas.

Initial concept board for Leo’s main salon, including the pedicure chairs that line each wall and one of the lounge areas.

Aside from being able to create this beautiful space which I know people will leave feeling revitalized and rejuvenated - and counting down the days until they get to go back - so much love and thought went into each and every area. From the generally neutral palette and fabrics intended to provide a soothing sense of comfort (aside from our main ‘wow-factor’ of a mural from the amazing Betty Larkin) to the custom tea blends for clients crafted by the owner of Leo, no detail went overlooked.

There will be much more to come on this space, so stay tuned for the full project reveal! Leo will be softly opening on December 9th, and officially on December 15th. For now, enjoy these dreamy sneak peeks.


Head over to Leo’s website to learn more & book an appointment here!